Friday, August 18, 2006

My knitting story...

...It all began during the Christmas of 2005. My sister-in-law, a voracious knitter, had received an inappropriate knitting gift. She had recieved a kit for a beginner. So, she passed it off to me, certainly unknowing of its effect.

I began working with the kit (and the DVD!), and I was hooked. Here was a craft that didn't require tens of minutes of clean up or concentration (like painting or mod podge, both popular crafts in my college years), and I could take it with me! Plus, there is obviously a huge knitting community and a great little yarn shop only two blocks from my apartment. What could be better?! I dived (dove?) right in.

Currently, I am working on Christmas gifts for all of my family members and my best friend. I have another day-to-day blog, but they all read that, so I have decided to begin another blog dedicated solely to the pursuit of all things knitting related. So, here it is. Enjoy.

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Erin said...

I keep telling myself I'm going to learn to knit. I haven't done it yet, but, hey, I can cast on! haha.