Tuesday, October 3, 2006

Socks of Doom and other such stuff


As I mentioned on the Xanga blog (link on right), I have completed the socks of doom, and I was able to send them out yesterday. My killer socks are currently en route to Texas, where they will probably be knit up quickly and will come to me by the beginning of next week. We shall see, though... We shall see. After all, unexpected things happen in war.

Last night I almost finished the scarf for Karl. I am about one row and one bind-off away. I just couldn't stay up for another 10 minutes to finish. I'll show pictures when it's blocking.

I am wearing my first hand-knit socks for the first time today. I knit them in February thinking that I would wear them for the rest of the winter, but I think I got thrown off by the hand wash only part. Now, I am confident that I can handle hand washing these. They are great to wear (although a little ichy). I can't wait to make more for myself.

Knitting is back.

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