Tuesday, February 6, 2007

I have a theme

I have been thinking about this tiny blog for quite some time... Considering what to do with it. I don't post about my knitting very much on my other blog, but it seems awfully redundant to post twice about the same things going on, with a little knitting thrown in on this blog. So, I have realized that I would like to review knitting podcasts on this blog. There are so many of them out there, and so few of them are any good. I have some really strong opinions about the types of knitting podcasts there should be, and what qualifies as a "good" podcast, in my opinion. Obviously, everything I say here will be in my opinion, and obviously, I am not the foremost reviewer of knitting podcasts. Rather, I hope to be helpful to those that may be searching for good content, but don't have the time to whittle through the dozens and dozens of podcasts available.

To open, I will state my philosophy of knitting podcasts (note: this is subject to change).

First, a knitting podcast should be mostly about knitting - it's history, good yarn and/or pattern stores, book reviews, etc.

Second, a knitting podcast should be enjoyable to listen to. Quite a bit of background noise and annoying "chatter" should be kept to a minimum.

Third, a knitting podcast should relate to and involve the listener as much as possible. Be it an essay series read and written by listeners or poll questions asked by the host and answered by the listener. This is very important to the vitality and variety of the podcast.

Those are my current criteria by which I judge whether a podcast is worth the time. I am really looking forward to reviewing all of the wonderful and not-so-wonderful knitting podcasts out there! I hope you can take some nugget of information from my reviews.

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Jessie said...

Cool! I can't wait to see what podcasts you bring to your readership's attention.